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"DYK" Guitar Series​

​"DYK" stands for "did you know?" and this series of mini video lessons brings you into the adventurous world of how to apply some great interval tricks to your guitar playing.

You'll get a quick insight into how you can implement the intervals into your performances and how to conquer new musical territories. TC goes directly into the application and shows how you can benefit from applied Interval Theory as well.

All lessons come with PDFs so that you can follow TC's playing more efficiently. Feel free to download or print the PDFs and become a more rounded guitar player.
No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced performer, you'll learn something new and walk away smarter! All of the lessons give great food for thought and inspiration for how you can spice up your performing skills.

We hope that you'll get a ton out of this series!

  • perfect for boosting your skills on the guitar​
  • learn more about the nature of the intervals and how to put them into action​
  • all musical demonstrations are transcribed for you and put into PDFs​
  • you can through this series at your own pace​
  • course duration: 1h 43 min.