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My Top 10 Techniques for Gathering Quickly

In other content, you might have heard me say, "Writer's block is a myth!". In almost every case, when somebody told me about their writer's block problem, it was a lack of technique.

And in this video, I want to show you my top 10 techniques for gathering musical ideas quickly. All of them are techniques that lead to new musical ideas that you can use in a feedback loop to create even more stuff!

Whether you started with a melody, a chord progression, or just a random selection of notes, it's the technique that enables you to tell a compelling story around that starting material - and that's precisely what the top 10 techniques for gathering focus on.

Happy gathering, and best always,


P.S.: Essentially, the whole Composition Course is packed with best practices to create wonderful musical ideas and keep the story moving forward. Please check it out if that sounds interesting to you!