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The Top 3 Traps Most Composers Fall Into

We've talked to many composers over the last few years (literally hundreds), and out of this data, we created "The Top 3 Traps Most Composers Fall Into (and don't know how to get out)" that we show in the video.

I think it's pretty interesting to find out what those three traps are, but more importantly, we also offer a solution to each of the problems. It's all in the video, and we encourage you to download the materials. In the downloadable zip file, you'll find the PDF from the video, together with all the MP3s.

We genuinely hope these concepts and materials already give you a ton of value and help you become a better composer! I should mention that the first six Composition Course lessons cover all aspects of line writing and how to use them most effectively!

If you really want to boost your writing skills, I can't wait to welcome you to the Academy!

Best always,