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Welcome to the Learning Area of the Music Interval Theory Academy. Here you’ll find a quick overview of the various teaching materials, such as courses, e-books, or quick wins. The Learning Area gives you all the knowledge about the intervals and music theory to put your newly-acquired expertise into action in the Training Area!

Spotlight Courses & Classes

This section is the perfect entry into the world of Interval Theory. We recommend you start your musical journey by going through the Basic Course, which as part of the Spotlight Courses family. That's the smoothest transition towards more advanced materials and other teaching sessions based on Interval Theory.

Spotlight Elements

The Composition Course

The Composition Course is MITA's flagship. We highly recommend you first go through the Basic Course and the e-book on The Overtone Series before sailing in deeper waters. Once you start feeling at ease with Interval Theory and our terminology, you are ready to start the Composition Course.

56 in-depth lessons in total

Orchestration Concepts

Orchestration is a vast subject and indeed complements the composition. This section breaks down the essential orchestration concepts and shows the structure, architecture, and emotional story of musical composition - also fantastic for smaller arrangements.

Musical structure


The E-Books section is for when you want to go deep. We've taken some of our most effective insights and expanded them into e-books. They are designed to boost your creativity and give you many ideas on how you could implement these concepts into your own writing.


Quick Wins

Quick Wins are pure gems when time is an issue, your schedule is full, but you still want to make progress and improve your skills! That's why we also feature them on your MITA Dashboard. You don't want to miss them!

Cheers to the Wins

Free Articles

Don't let the word "free" fool you! Yes, our articles and blog posts are free for everyone to read. However, many of those articles come with an exclusive content upgrade - only available for our awesome members!

Articles & Content Upgrades


We want you to take full advantage of all the materials and content available! For that reason, you should become familiar with the terminology we use at the Academy. Whenever you need more clarification on a particular term, look up our Glossary.

Interval Theory Terminology

The Podcast

Take the most practical learnings with you, wherever you are. The MITA Podcast is a fantastic complement to the Academy's materials and will help you solidify your knowledge about Interval Theory and composition.

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