Training Area

Welcome to the Training Area of the Music Interval Theory Academy. It's time to put Interval Theory into action. Watch us compose in real-time, apply the concepts to instruments, or simply dive into other Academy members' compositions. The Training Area is the perfect complement to the Learning Area - please feel free to transition fluently between the two.


Thick books about dry music theory won't teach you the shortcuts and secrets that make creating music fun. Let's apply some Interval Theory magic and explore this colorful world of opportunities! Our Workshops provide a transparent methodology that leads to results.

Hands-on Sessions

Application for Instruments

Let's expand Interval Theory concepts from composition and the orchestration to various instruments, such as the guitar, the ukulele, or the piano. This will boost your creativity and also performing skills as you shift your perspective. Go with the flow and just play.

Instrument Courses

Gameplans for Composition [coming soon]

We know that it can be hard to apply newly-acquired knowledge when you've just started your musical journey at MITA. Our Gameplans are like templates for composition that will help you turn the theory into action. You can follow the step-by-step instructions or modify each element to your individual needs.


Live Compositions

Every artist has her/his individual way of working. It can be very inspiring to look over somebody's shoulder in the music studio. The Live Composition sessions invite you to experience our process of creating music from scratch to the finished audio file first-hand and uncut.

Full Live Sessions

Works from Academy Members

Experience one of the most powerful sources of inspiration and creativity by listening to other Academy members' works. We all have access to the same tools and techniques, but every artist develops a unique voice and style.

Over 150 Interval Theory Works