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THIS is How I use Negative Harmony

It's very easy to overuse Negative Harmony, and this usually leads to rather weird results. In the video, I explain in detail how I used Negative Harmony in the orchestral piece "Get The Cheese"!

You might have seen some of those "negative harmony covers" on YouTube already, and honestly, none of them resonated with me emotionally.

Today, let's dive into the orchestral composition called "Get The Cheese," in which I mixed just a nice pinch of Negative Harmony into my musical ideas, which brings the whole thing to life. In the end, Negative Harmony is just another technique you can apply to any musical snippet, and it's about finding the "proper" dose in a composition.

And yes, "proper" refers to your unique taste and emotional response! Sometimes, the best advice is to trust your gut feeling and move forward as quickly as possible!

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Author: Frank Herrlinger