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Tips for Better Orchestrations from a Master Composer

Today, I invite a master composer from Paris, France, to talk about better and more transparent orchestrations. His name is Olivier Bostvironnois and he shares a lot of personal insight into his approach to composition and orchestration.

Let's look at the workflow of Academy graduate Olivier Bostvironnois and listen to some of his work. He's an excellent Interval Theory master composer and shares many of his go-to orchestration techniques.

We talk about motors, pulses, and contrast in sound that all follow the storyline. So, once you know what you want to say (not only musically), things start to fall into place naturally, provided you understand the concept.

It feels almost like playing around with the energy so the audience can emotionally follow the story. It's almost easier for the composer because you start thinking in concrete contexts instead of hunting for the next bar.

Best always,

Author: Frank Herrlinger