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The Composer's Business Booster (in 10 min.)

For whatever reason, many composers (or musicians) do their best to avoid business-related subjects and maneuver around them like they were explosive mines. On the other hand, they want to create a stable income stream from their art.

Please give me 10 minutes of your time today, and I'll share my best practices for the music business in the Composer's Business Booster.

Everything I go through in the video comes from the downloadable PDF; grab it right now to have it ready whenever you need it.

I hope I can give you a significant boost in your business so you can focus even more on what you love doing - creating music. And if the time is right to deep-dive into all the fantastic techniques and shortcuts in music composition and orchestration, simply have a look at the Academy, and I'll be thrilled to welcome you inside.

Best always,