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Stop being mediocre!

Most often, composers know that they write generic chord progressions and meaningless melodies because conventional music theory pushes everybody towards the same mediocre sound and patterns!

  • ... the world doesn't need more generic and blocky chord progressions
  • ... many creators never learned the techniques to compose better music
  • ... they waste a lot of time only to sound like everybody else
  • ... they rely on luck and don't have any process
  • ... they never build enough confidence in their skills to have success

Let's change this! Imagine seeing your name on top of the score and others asking: "How the heck did he come up with that idea"? We believe you should be proud of your original work and feel good about it!

MITA members don't struggle anymore ...

  • ... they generate original musical ideas based on their unique taste
  • ... they save lots of hours during the day by skipping over the "hunting"-part
  • ... they finally understand the structure and architecture of their compositions
  • ... they develop real composition skills that work, and they can rely on
  • ... they feel great about finally getting complete control over harmony and melody

Don't be tricked into believing that most of the composers you admire are (or were) born geniuses. It's a fact that the vast majority of great composers are trained.

Listen to members' results!

Ready to experience the power of applied Interval Theory? Our playlist below features various compositions from academy members. Please take a few moments and dive in and discover how Interval Theory can improve the music you write. So, let's stop talking and start listening!

"If you struggle, it's not your fault".

We know what it feels like to spend hours or even days on just one piece of music, and still, it sounds generic and boring! :(

We've successfully taught innovative and unique composition techniques to (literally) hundreds of composers just like you.

Ready to finally start YOUR musical adventure today?


MITA has pretty much eradicated writer’s block for me. The intervallic approach is unique, and it works! Highly recommended to everybody who is struggling with writer's block.

Robin Wade - Composer for Media

MITA is much more than a music theory course. It's deeply practical and has transformed my creative process, how I think about music, and, of course, my results. I'm very happy to be a part of the MITA family.

Nathanael Iversen - Composer & Entrepreneur

I composed 27 pieces in the last six months, thanks to the methodology taught inside the Academy! It has helped me a lot to discover and speak my own musical voice!

Olivier Bostvironnois - Professional Composer

MITA gives me the tools and a bigger palette of compositional techniques that I can apply to any genre of music. It's like learning and perfecting a new and exciting language.

Vivian Khor - Grammy-nominated composer

MITA has been a game-changer in the way I write music for commercials, trailers, television, and feature films. With tight deadlines, I always feel like I have a competitive edge over other writers!

Marc Aaron Jacobs - Composer for Media

In just a single week, MITA expanded my compositional knowledge beyond what I learned at my own tertiary institution- and continues to do so! It's such a unique way of writing musical ideas.

Leanne Puttick - Conducter & Composer

MITA offers a new and revolutionary perspective that allows composers to see music in a different way. If you are a composer, musician, or orchestrator, I highly recommend joining!

Miguel Coiz - Media Composer

Before MITA, my writing was very predictable, staying safe within the diatonic/ modal world which worked for me up to a point. But now, I write orchestral compositions I never knew I was capable of!

Rick Frost - Professional Bass Player & Composer

MITA is a real gem to me. In simple words, it's the most efficient music generator and I use it on a daily basis!

Lorenzo Ferrero - Grammy Award Winning Jazz Musician & Composer

MITA removes the confines of traditional Diatonic thinking thus freeing up the creative path. It has also given me the confidence to compose in any style and get great results much faster!

Gareth Prosser - Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger and Member of the Blue Man Group

Since starting my MITA training, I find myself finishing songs within 3-4 hours. Now, I really enjoy writing music every day. This is musical freedom!

Justin DiCenzo - Composer, Music Producer & Musician

MITA combines the best of two worlds, the Diatonic system, and the intervals. You are in total control of how much spice you want to add to your composition. This is simply the best method out there!

Marc Bercovitz - Award-winning Composer, Arranger & Orchestrator

Our Statistics

We have tracked the numbers from the beginning (2015) until the current year, and here are some of the statistics we want to share with you:

  • 72% complete the "Interval Theory Basic Course" in only 2-4 weeks.
  • On average, it takes around 75 days to complete and implement our popular "Orchestration Concepts" course.
  • 61% take the "Orchestration Concepts" alongside the "Composition Course."
  • 91% declare that MITA's approach to music education and composition is unique and has helped them design a better musical life.
  • 140+ member compositions based on Interval Theroy are available for study purposes.
  • 2,200+ posts have been created on our internal forum, where members share their wins and compositions and help each other grow.

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Rise Above The Crowd

The world doesn't need another Mozart! It needs YOU! Start telling your own and unique musical stories!

We've got you covered!

At MITA, we know you are the kind of composer who wants to be more original, break out of the usual clichées, and maybe even inspire others. In order to be that way, you need to understand the connection between the tones and the intervals they create because, eventually, you want to use this knowledge in your original compositions. We know you want to be in total control and remove the guessing part that makes you feel insecure.

The problem is that conventional theory doesn't get you there!

However, we believe that every composer should have access to all the puzzle pieces to build his musical dream life. This is fundamentally important, and we understand the frustration many composers go through, and it's not their fault!

That's why we teach a transparent methodology and proven concepts that lead to great results! Here's how it works:

Join MITA today, so you can stop wasting your time waiting for inspiration and hunting for ideas. Stop the musical frustration and start rising above the generic sound of everybody else.

You also might have wondered ...

I'm not sure if MITA is right for me. Are there any requirements?

The offer sounds intriguing, but what happens if I'm not happy?

I know the Diatonic system quite well. What can MITA teach me then?

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1 Month Pass

The Interval Theory Core Program (paid monthly)

We want you to reach your musical goals as quickly as possible, and that's why the members love the Core Program!

Your First 10 Days

The first item we suggest you dive into inside the Academy is

"Your First 10 Days To Rapidly Growing Your Composition Skills".

That's a convenient daily plan of action that suggests various content pieces and leads to great results quickly. With as little as 20-30 minutes per day, this guide shows what to do and leads to quick results. It suggests three sections for each day:

1. Critical (~ 20-30 min.)
2. Recommended (~ 20-50 min.)
3. Optional (~ 30-60 min.)

If you only have a little time, prioritize the critical section and study the other parts later. Our guide fits perfectly into busy schedules and allows for significant progress next to your day job or other duties.

And if you have more time available, you'll get out of this plan even stronger!

The Interval Theory Basic Course

Finding your way from conventional Diatonic theory to Interval Theory is easy. The Interval Theory Basic Course covers everything to help you compose with the intervals right away and provides a smooth transition into all following content pieces.

Learn more about the Interval Theory Basic Course.

Spotlight Classes

Most often, it's just one tiny puzzle piece that causes a ton of friction in the musical workflow. The spotlight courses are designed to fill those gaps efficiently using best practices based on Interval Theory. Think about how much time you've spent focusing on just one small detail only to find out that you've wasted half of your day with no real musical result. Let's end this today.

Learn more about the Spotlight Classes & Courses.

The Interval Theory Composition Course

Here's the truth: To reach your musical dream life, you need to invest your time, effort, and focus. And that's the only proven way to get past this musical plateau that you've been on for long enough.

To help you maximize your results and master this comprehensive value source, you'll get one lesson (video explanation, PDFs, audio, and support for the implementation) per month via MITA Coins.

Learn more about the Interval Theory Composition Course.

Orchestration Concepts

Wouldn't it be great if you could base your decision-making in orchestration on clear concepts and guidelines as opposed to reading 400 pages about 'what you can do with the strings'?

It's all about the delicate dance of practical knowledge that really works and your unique voice and musical taste! Find out what it is that you like in a particular orchestration so that you can express yourself most honestly without copying other composers.

Learn more about the Orchestration Concepts.

Weekly Quick Wins

Although we help you pursue your long-term goals, quick wins are essential to staying motivated and having fun. Every week we give you one quick implementation tip that you can use right away. So, even if you can't seriously study Interval Theory at the moment, you'll still get closer to your big goal!

And we'll even send you those quick wins directly to your email inbox because we understand that time is your most precious resource.

Live Streams & Member Events

Every month, we offer live streams and various member activities: Member meetings, live teaching sessions, challenges, masterclasses, co-working sessions, etc. ...

As a member, you are very welcome to attend any of these sessions.

Private Forum & Community

Feedback and a supportive community are essential aspects of learning efficiency. Think of getting feedback from somebody who has already achieved what you want to get as well.

We offer several ways to connect to other members, ask questions, get feedback, share information, or simply celebrate success stories.

And we reserve a place for you in the community.

100 MITA Coins every month

Here's the truth: Learning a new skill takes time, and you can't cheat time/experience

Please don't believe in any ad or statement telling you that you'll turn into a master composer in a few weeks. Instead, we help you move through the vast content inside the Academy and make sure that you don't lose track of your goals.

The monthly MITA Coins help you focus on one lesson at a time to solidify your newly achieved knowledge about Interval Theory and build on solid ground.

If you follow that path and are curious to implement the techniques in your compositions, you'll be guaranteed to move closer to your musical dream life.
Every member will testify to that!

Upgrade Option

You can easily switch back and forth between monthly and yearly!

Simply let us know, and we'll do that for you. Switches always happen at the end of a time period and are seamless. You can cancel your monthly or yearly subscription at any time.

7-Day Trial for only 6€, recurring payment after the trial: 79/month

Members have access to our Ultimate Content Collection!

Included Member Bonuses

In addition to the Interval Theory Core Program, you'll also get access to the following bonuses!

Interval Theory Application for instruments

We know that musicians want to apply their newly-acquired Interval Theory knowledge to their instruments. We help you do that by offering many in-depth workshops, masterclasses, and bonus courses that cover the Interval Theory application to the instruments. This resource is pure gold if you want to level up your performance skills.

Soprano Ukulele - Basic Theory & Concepts

Baritone Ukulele - Basic Theory & Concepts

Blues Guitar - Basics & Essentials

"Did You Know" Guitar Series - Interval Theory Tricks

10 Guitar Wins - Quick Tips

Basic Polytonal Scales for the Guitar

Power Pentatonic for the Guitar

We even add new applications regularly, so the content is ever-growing.

Insider Knowledge from Music Industry Experts

We have many guest speakers who make their unique expertise available to Academy members, whether it be learning more about the music business, working with a producer, the fundamentals of the copyright law, or just great stories based on their long-term experiences.

The Music Modernization Act - by Dr. Allen Hyman

The Music Business - by Doug Frank

Ethnic Sounds & Rhythms - by Chuck Jonkey

Branding & Social Media - by Scott Page

Interviews with various professionals from the music industry

The information from real industry experts is invaluable, and you shouldn't miss out on this. We regularly add new content to this section.

Unique E-Books on Interval Theory

The Academy E-Books are compact and cut to the chase right away. They are designed to provide concise and practical information to help you implement the concepts right away. Honestly, every composer should have gone through these E-books before starting their next composition.

The Creative Compass

The Overtone Series

Root Cycles I

Negative Harmony

The Music Production Power Pack

Putting down notes on paper (or in your notation software) is one thing; the production is another. We help you get more out of your software with the most practical insight from fellow members who share their musical secrets. We regularly add new content to this section.

Cubase Mixing Session of "A Man with a Plan"

Logic Pro X - Most useful Tips & Tricks

Tweaking NotePerformer 3 in Sibelius

Exclusive Custom Sample Libraries

Our members have access to the most trusted and often-used custom sample libraries we developed for our personal use as pro composers in the media industry. We regularly add new content to this section.

Hammered Acoustic Guitar v1.5

MITA Sketching Piano

E-Ukulele (VIP)


Snaps & Claps



Educational Discounts for software & sample libraries

Many software developers and companies accept our Academy as an educational institution and provide educational discounts on their products to our members.

We help you keep your expenses for software and gear as low as possible.

1 Year Pass

Save 2 Months of Fees - 66€/month (paid yearly)

The yearly Access Pass includes the entire Interval Theory Core Program and all Member Bonuses listed above!

7-Day Trial for only 6€, recurring payment after the trial: 790/year

Members have access to our Ultimate Content Collection!

Exclusive Bonuses for the yearly Access Pass

All the bonuses listed above for monthly are included in the yearly pass as well. And since we truly appreciate your commitment, you'll receive additional exclusive bonuses that only come with the yearly pass!

Your 100 MITA Coins Starting Bonus (value of 100€)

Every month, all Academy members receive 100 MITA Coins to unlock their path through the Composition Course. We want to give you an additional starting bonus of 100 Coins so that you can move even quicker towards your musical dream life.

Learn more about MITA Coins.

The Sketching Workshop (value of 79€)

Believe it or not, most composers don't sketch and don't even know that sketching can substantially speed up their workflow and even lead to more fluent musical results. We want to protect you from stepping into this trap and give you this exclusive workshop that focuses on three of the most crucial sketching techniques you should know before wasting too much time.

This workshop is only available as a bonus to the yearly Access Pass.

Learn more about the Sketching Workshop.


Immediate Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING

This tier gives you immediate access to all the existing and future content, including all events and bonuses!

All Courses & Classes

You'll get the whole package and immediate access to all of the Academy's content! You'll be able to jump directly into all the courses & classes, skip the Coins system, and start implementing Interval Theory right away. Here are some of the highlights you'll get:

Basic Course

Composition Course

Orchestration Concepts

Spotlight Classes & Courses

You'll also get unrestricted access to all the other items listed below for the monthly/yearly membership, including all the great bonuses. It's really the full package!

1-on-1 Video Sessions

All the teaching materials come with pre-recorded videos and downloadable PDFs and MP3s so that you can go through the courses at your own pace.

But your Lifetime Access Pass also offers the opportunity to have weekly 1-on-1 video sessions with TC or Frank, the Music Interval Theory Academy co-founders and course authors (Q&A, feedback sessions, etc.) at no additional cost.

These sessions will help you implement the concepts and techniques most efficiently and quickly. You'll get the time and attention needed to make significant headway on your composition skillset.

Lifetime Access

Your MITA account will never expire, and you'll enjoy lifetime access to all the content, including all future content, at no additional cost or conditions.

This is the all-inclusive tier for the committed composer who values his time and wants to apply interval theory best practices to her/his compositions.

Our Experience with Conventional Music Education

The costs for traditional music education can quickly go up to 20,000.00 EUR or more (per year only), depending on the institution, even when taking online classes only. 

Our experience as pro composers who also went through the conventional way of learning first shows that the whole model of music education is old-fashioned and rusty.

Please don't get us wrong. Understanding the basics of music theory is essential before you go deeper into more advanced techniques. And we'll even provide that FOR FREE in the Interval Theory Toolkit! (coming soon, please stay connected and hop on the email list if you're interested in that)

During our studies at music university, we spent most of our time analyzing classical composers, which only taught us how to write in those composers' styles. The truth is that nobody ever will hire you to write like Mozart or Bach! This knowledge won't let you survive if you want to become a working composer in the industry.

Instead, music theory should teach you how to become the most elegant and efficient musical storyteller you can be, all based on your unique voice and for an affordable investment.

And that's exactly what we focus on inside the Academy!

Upgrade Option

We fully understand that you might not feel ready to go with the Lifetime Access Pass before you've seen what's happening inside the Academy - and that's totally ok!

And that's why we offer an upgrade option from monthly and yearly.

Within your first year as a monthly or yearly Academy member, you can upgrade to the Lifetime Access Pass at the end of each subscription period. We'll deduct the amount you've paid so far from the one-time payment for your Lifetime Access Pass. 

Simply contact our office inside the Academy, and we'll set you up. This way, you make a fully-informed decision and don't have to take any financial risks.

One-time payment: 7,900

Members have access to our Ultimate Content Collection!

All Member Bonuses are Included

As with all the courses and classes, you'll get full access to all the valuable member bonuses that come with the monthly and yearly membership! It's the all-inclusive package!

Your data is secure and protected.


30 Days to go back to the musical world how you knew it!

  • We know that Interval Theory is not part of the conventional music theory, and most composers probably only have a vague idea of what it is (if at all).
  • That's why we don't expect anybody to trust the unknown blindly. We don't ask for your decision right now. All we ask for is your fully informed decision after you know what it is and how it works. You can only get to a fully informed decision on the inside, not the outside. So, please join now, go on the inside, and check if the applied Interval Theory is working and valuable to you, and if so, then you decide to stay.
  • If it's not for you, for whatever reasons, don't worry. After you've looked inside, you now can make a fully informed decision that it's not for you. But you can't make that decision right now for the same reasons you don't buy a sample library without checking out the demo tracks first.
  • And to be clear, whether it's 30 minutes or 30 days from now, if you're not happy, we're not happy. If you want your money back, for whatever reason, you'll get it because we don't want to keep it if you're not happy.
  • All you have to do is reply to any of our emails and tell us "give me a refund". That's all, and we'll refund you the full amount on the same day we receive your message.
  • Of course, we can only give such a strong guarantee because we're 100% confident that what you'll find inside is the real deal and will help you become the composer you want to be.
  • By the way, do you think the Music Interval Theory Academy would still be a flourishing institution after many years if we gave a strong guarantee and weren't exceptionally good at what we did?

Get the free Composer's Toolkit

It's really ok if you're not feeling ready to join. We still want to help you become the best composer possible, so we don't want you to miss the Composer's Toolkit! That's a unique selection of content based on Interval Theory and our combined experience of 50+ years as pro composers in the music industry.

  • Create Better Chord Progressions ... in 10 min.
  • The Top 10 Techniques for Gathering Musical Ideas Quickly
  • Gathering - Sketching - Developing -- Applied to the Orchestra
  • The Composer's Business Booster ... in 10 min.
  • The Top 3 Traps Most Composers Fall Into
  • we regularly add new items to the Toolkit ...

Who is behind the Academy?

Thomas Chase Jones

Co-Founder // Instructor

TC has been composing, producing and teaching music for more than 42 years. He has experience of working with big studios for entertainment companies such as Disney and Warner Bros. He scored internationally-aired animated series which include The Batman, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Woody Woodpecker, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby Doo (Direct to Disc), Gummi Bears, Ducktales, Wuzzles, Captain Planet and more. (see his credits on IMDB)

Frank Herrlinger

Co-Founder // Instructor

Frank is a professional composer working in the industry for over 17 years. He graduated from the University of Cologne, Germany, with his thesis being: ‘The Virtual Simulation of Orchestral Music Via Modern Computer Technology. He also wrote music for companies like Disney, Mattel, and numerous video games published for PlayStation, XBox and PC. His music is also often heard on German television (RTL, Pro7, VOX, etc.), in commercials, and trailers. (see his credits on IMDB)

Our promise to you!

  • Everything that we teach at the Academy originated from working in the industry as composers for many years.
  • The Academy is the real deal, and there’s no information being held back. This is our passion, and we are 100% dedicated to it!
  • Exploit your full creative potential! We help you grow during your adventurous journey!

Our members are proud of their music!

Listen to some selected success stories!

  • Gareth doesn't fear taking on any project anymore!
  • Nathanael boosted his creativity and musical outcome!
  • Daniel built some solid writing skills he now can rely on!
  • Greg loves the support of the MITA community!
  • Steve now skips over the "waiting for inspiration" time!

If you are ready to improve your musical life, you've found the right place! We've helped hundreds of composers, just like you, to master harmony, melody, and establish a clear methodology to composition - all based on Interval Theory!